September update

Dear Thousand community, we don’t stop working on moving forward.

We update on what has happened and we are doing.

1. We are developing a fast exchange platform (swap). NOT CEX; Please keep in mind that it is not our centralized platform that we emphasize so much, it is a swap platform only for the exchange of cryptocurrencies fast at low fees and with some characteristics that we will inform later.

2. We deflected 3 scam attempts.

3. We present our partnership proposal for the deployment and ownership of Thousand Exchange to companies linked to cryptocurrencies.

4. Looking for financing opportunities.

5. We plan new listings with staking for the community.

6. Market making plan to bring the TND market to life and benefit our holders.

7. New NFT collection

8. In October we will request the verification of TND in the WAVES blockchain network, please support this proposal, it will bring benefits to the entire community, we will dedicate an article to explain it, the following week.

We will update our community from time to time about what’s new.

Don’t forget to follow our social networks and review our documentation to understand Thousand intentions.


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