Thousand — development plan in $WAVES blockchain.

Thousand is a cryptocurrency exchange platform project, it proposes to facilitate the massive exchange of value globally.

$TND is the utility token of the project, it works on Waves blockchain (WAVES) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

In this case we refer to the development plans of Thousand in the waves network.

Waves is a community stack of open source decentralized technologies for building easy-to-use and scalable applications.

Development in waves:

Swap: A instant cryptocurrency exchange with shared liquidity pools.

Wallet: A decentralized mobile wallet for $TND storage compatible with $WAVES blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.

Cross Chain Bridge: A cross-chain protocol between $WAVES Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain will enable $TND interaction between both chains.

The development and subsequent launch is estimated to be in 2023 as it progresses and reaches financing.

More information about Thousand

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