Thousand Token (TND)delisting.

The Thousand team announces to its community that the $TND token will be delisted from the Goku Market (CEX) platform and will not be part of the platform migration, it will not be supported by the new partner as mentioned here.

Keep in mind that this is a fact in which the Thousand team and founders have no responsibility, however they accept and abide by the decisions and instructions given. Goku Market and the acquiring partner or new partner are the decision makers.

We ask the community to withdraw until July 31, 2022 their Thousand Token (TND) holdings from the Goku Market exchange platform, towards the Trust wallet or MataMask wallets.

For our part, we thank the community and the Goku Market platform for all the support given since it was announced in the launchpool, where we are honored to have been the first project to be listed and classified by vote in just 10 hours.

The Thousand team will continue working on the development of the project, being very transparent as it has always done, a value that has characterized this project.

In the following weeks, the platform where the TND token will be traded and all other related updates will be announced.

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Thousand is a Latin American project of a cryptocurrency exchange platform, it proposes to facilitate the mass exchange of value at a global level.