Thousand x CrazyMeta Partnership

Thousand is pleased to announce that it has made a partnership with CrazyMeta to be a bridge between both communities, to mutually support the process of both projects but above all to provide benefits to the communities.

South América is a región that is growing more and more in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, while Asia is a power in digital assets, which increases our interest in connecting both continents in cooperation with CrazyMeta.

CrazyMeta is building a great ecosystem where it unites the power of web3.0 with NFTs to create digital and decentralized fashion empowering creators by adding limited physical editions, its Crazy token will apply different use cases that makes it even more crazy.

About Thousand

Thousand, promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies in South America, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform (CEX) project from Colombia, it proposes; Token, Exchange, NFT Marketplace, and Online Store.

$TND is the utility token of the ecosystem & will be the native token of
the ThousandEx cryptocurrency exchange platform.

About CrazyMeta

CrazyMeta, a brand new fashion brand for the future, fuels the community’s crazy creativity through fashion and NFTs with limited physical editions, harnessing the power of web 3.0 and the metaverse to empower creators.

We believe that this partnership will bring more benefits to both communities, we continue to work on our expansion plan in Asia, our goal is to give value and use to the $TND token in the real world.

More information about thousand

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More information about CrazyMeta

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